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  • carpet cleaning & restoration,commercial carpet maintenance programs
  • upholstery cleaning & protection – including fine fabrics & leathers
  • work station partitions carpet & fabric protection service
  • specialists in high-end wool carpets and area rugs
  • tile & grout cleaning and sealing
  • marble polishing and natural stone maintenance
  • vehicle, marine, & aircraft interiors
The best possible protection for your investment
Commercial carpeting is expensive, a real investment for most companies. Regular cleaning by Cleanest Carpet can keep commercial grade carpet in like-new condition for years of service.

Keep your retail and office space looking great!
Low moisture means that the carpet backing and padding stays dry - so there is no mildew or damage and your carpets dry quicker. At the same time, the Cleanest Carpet cleaning method refreshes carpet fibers. Our research shows that fibers retain their original shape when exposed to our cleaning solution - so carpets wear longer, look better, and save you money over time. That's why businesses from around the world trust Cleanest Carpet to protect their investment and keep their offices, retail, and commercial space looking great!

Carpets that stay cleaner longer
Cleanest Carpet leaves no sticky residue like many steam-cleaning detergents that can attract dirt and stains. Quicker drying times eliminate dampness that can attract dirt. The result? Your carpets stay cleaner longer ... saving you money.

Trained technicians
Cleanest Carpet trained technicians use the latest technology, assuring professional service and a clean and pleasant work environment.

Healthier carpets
The Environmental Protection Agency recommends cleaning carpets regularly to remove. Cleanest Carpet's low moisture cleaning system prevents the build-up of mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria. Cleanest Carpet tested and approved cleaning solutions reduce the chance of sick building syndrome, keeping your workforce healthier.